1 meter fixed width door window fireproof fiberglass wire mesh mosquito net insect screen in Window Screens from Home Garden

1 meter fixed width door window fireproof fiberglass wire mesh mosquito net insect screen in Window Screens from Home Garden
1 meter fixed width door window fireproof fiberglass wire mesh mosquito net insect screen in Window Screens from Home Garden
1 meter fixed width door window fireproof fiberglass wire mesh mosquito net insect screen in Window Screens from Home Garden
1 meter fixed width door window fireproof fiberglass wire mesh mosquito net insect screen in Window Screens from Home Garden
1 meter fixed width door window fireproof fiberglass wire mesh mosquito net insect screen in Window Screens from Home Garden

Product Specification

Type: Door & Window Screens

Use: Window

Model Number: other

Screen Netting Material: Fiberglass

material: fiberglass + pvc




1 meter fixed width door window fireproof fiberglass wire mesh mosquito net insect screen











1 meter fixed width,we supply this in continous lengths,so enter quantity 2 for 2 meters,quantity 3 for 3 meters etc up to 10 meters length.






1. Size: 1m fixed width x 1m length


2. Mesh size:18x16 mesh,about 6 pcs meshes in 1cm


3. Package: the window screen is folded,so the crease is normal,when you open package,please tear it by hand,don't use scissors,In case of broke it.







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