100 real capacity animal series USB flash drive 128gb pendrive 4GB 8GB pen drive 16GB 32GB 64GB cartoon rabbit usb memory stick in USB Flash Drives from Computer Office

100 real capacity animal series USB flash drive 128gb pendrive 4GB 8GB pen drive 16GB 32GB 64GB cartoon rabbit usb memory stick in USB Flash Drives from Computer Office
100 real capacity animal series USB flash drive 128gb pendrive 4GB 8GB pen drive 16GB 32GB 64GB cartoon rabbit usb memory stick in USB Flash Drives from Computer Office
100 real capacity animal series USB flash drive 128gb pendrive 4GB 8GB pen drive 16GB 32GB 64GB cartoon rabbit usb memory stick in USB Flash Drives from Computer Office
100 real capacity animal series USB flash drive 128gb pendrive 4GB 8GB pen drive 16GB 32GB 64GB cartoon rabbit usb memory stick in USB Flash Drives from Computer Office
100 real capacity animal series USB flash drive 128gb pendrive 4GB 8GB pen drive 16GB 32GB 64GB cartoon rabbit usb memory stick in USB Flash Drives from Computer Office
100 real capacity animal series USB flash drive 128gb pendrive 4GB 8GB pen drive 16GB 32GB 64GB cartoon rabbit usb memory stick in USB Flash Drives from Computer Office

Product Specification

Brand Name: xiwang

Interface Type: USB 2.0

Style: Robot

Style: Animal

Material: Plastic

Package: Yes

Encryption: No

Product Weight: 15g

Model Number: USB Flash Drive Pendrive Pen drive Gift USB Key Flash Disk Memory

Time to market: May-13

Product Type: Normal

pen drive: cartoon rabbit

usb memory stick: 100% real capacity

USB flash drive: 128gb 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB

pendrive: animal series


100% real capacity animal series USB flash drive 128gb pendrive 4GB 8GB pen drive 16GB 32GB 64GB cartoon rabbit usb memory stick

Specification n:

1. Support USB version n 2.0 and 1.0
2. Hot Plug & Play
3. Storage status s & oagudo; lido
4. No external power 4.5 V ~ 5.5 V from USB port is required
5. Support Win98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7, mac OS 9.X / Linux2.4 without device drive
6. solution n support for Linux kernel versi & oagudo; No 2.4 or version; n later
7. nonsense for OS 9X or above
8. Compatible with USB 1.1 / 2.0
9. Working temperature: -10 to + 55Deg. C

Real capacidad

4 GB = aproximadamente 3,75 GB-3,9 GB

8 GB = aproximadamente 7,4 GB-7,85 GB

16 GB = aproximadamente 14,2 GB-15,8 GB

32 GB = aproximadamente 28,2 GB-30 GB

64 GB = approximately 58 GB-60 GB

128 GB =approximately110 GB-120 GB






1. And iquest; Why? we sell.

We always sell USB flash drives of size & ntilde; or real, don't deceive and ntilde; We love buyers, maintain high quality, and serve global buyers.
2. & iquest; Is the usb flash drive real capacity?
Sure, our usb flash drive is the real capacity, you can use the h2text to send it.
H2text is the m & aagudo test software; s authorized world. If you need this software, we can provide free of charge.
3. & iquest; Cu'agudo; l is the writing speed?
Our USB flash drive write speed is 3m / S-10m / s or you'll be lucky to get 11M +.
If you want to save 1 GB of movie Cula in our USB flash drive, which needs the time is 2 minutes, Save your time.
4. The actual capacity of the USB flash disk is not correct.
Flash memory products are still; n using aritm & eaguda; Decimal ethic: 1 MB = 1000KB, 1g = 1000 MB
Calculated, the operating system with aritm & eaguda; Binary ethics: 1024KB mb = 1, 1 GB = 1024 MB;
There are differences between the visualization capacity The nominal capacity of the flash memory product

About the regeneration n
1.Please don't leave any No negative or neutral comment or open any dispute without communication; We believe that our communication n resolution & aaguda; the problem. And don't fool yourself. You know any negative or neutral or dispute hurt & ague; on both sides, and not leave and eagudo; Let the problem be solved.
2100% guarantees new goods and welfare conditions when sent & iaguda; to. If the art & iagudo; Ass is defective when you receive, we will send you a replacement without additional charger, or make a credit memo; dito or offer a refund afterwards; s that the art & iagudo; Defective ass sea verified. Finally, & iagudo conf; to get a solution; n satisfied.
3. If you are not more confident, satisfied with your purchase please p & oagudo; Contact us immediately before planning dispute or leaving any negative feedback. Please devu and eagudo; lvalo within 14 days; As for a change of change. Once you receive the items Asses in its original state well, we will make replacement or refund for you. The buyer must pay for the return process.
4. If the art & iagudo; ass is defective afterwards; s 3 months, can be sent back for exchange. We are pleased to send a new one afterwards; s of receiving art and iagudo; faulty ass. The shipping fee or both must be agreed by the buyer.
5.Pls confirm the delivery as soon as you receive the goods. If you do not receive goods when you are next; About the time defined by aliexpress.com, please, the delivery time instead of opening a dispute.
6.If you can confirm the delivery immediately and leave us 5 or 4 stars feedback. No, we are appreciated.
100% real capacity animal series USB flash drive 128gb pendrive 4GB 8GB pen drive 16GB 32GB 64GB cartoon rabbit usb memory stick
100% real capacity animal series USB flash drive 128gb pendrive 4GB 8GB pen drive 16GB 32GB 64GB cartoon rabbit usb memory stick
100% real capacity animal series USB flash drive 128gb pendrive 4GB 8GB pen drive 16GB 32GB 64GB cartoon rabbit usb memory stick

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Everything in perfect condition!

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The cuts are a little rough but it's nice.

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